IKEA Assembly Services

Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions form the agreement under which we will supply products and services to you. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details below, before you purchase products or related services from us.

You accept our Terms and Conditions by making a purchase from us. Your purchase from us indicates that you have had sufficient opportunity to access these Terms and Conditions and contact us, that you have read, accepted and will comply with these Terms and Conditions.


A written estimate will always be provided to clients requesting any packing or moving services. To provide an estimate as accurate as possible, clients must provide either an accurate item list, photos of the contents to be moved or must arrange a date to receive an in-home estimate with one of our representatives. Estimates are upfront, clear and include all costs as well as terms of service. There will never be any hidden charges. However, if on the day of the pack or move, some additional supplies are required, our movers will first ask for client’s consent to use these before client is billed for them. Although our coordinators do their best tor provide an estimate as accurate as possible, these are not guaranteed and are based upon different factors which may affect the move.


The client must disclose all important information regarding the move so that The Six Moving can make necessary preparations. These include complete address, a full item list, disassembly or reassembly required, flights of stairs, floor number, distance from unit to elevator or from home to truck, alternative contacts (if necessary) etc.


The following factors will influence the total time required to complete a move and cannot be controlled by The Six Moving:

  1. Client’s preparedness on the day of the move.
  2. The distance between the home and the truck and the number of stairs at all locations
  3. Availability of parking at any locations.
  4. Availability or loading capacity of elevators. Client is responsible for booking elevators    and/or loading docks needed.
  5. Distance and traffic congestion between all locations
  6. The impact of delays due to “closing of real estate transactions” or availability of keys
  7. Weather conditions (snow, rain, etc.)


Upon prior approval from The Six Moving, certain small-scale moves may be given a flat rate. Flat-rate moves are based on the description and item list provided from the client. If our movers encounter more items to move than listed or other undisclosed information which may affect the scope of the move, we reserve the right to increase the rate of the service.


The client must accept their estimate in writing in order to hold the date requested, subject to availability. The booking will be secure once the deposit has been paid. The deposit is normally equivalent to the first hour of the pack or the move. Client agrees to pay the price and rates specified on their estimate at the time that they accept the estimate and pay for their deposit. All payments are in Canadian dollars and include Ontario HST (where applicable). We will send instructions on how to make a payment. After the deposit has been received, the client will receive a payment receipt along with a booking confirmation. If the payment is not able to be successfully processed then the booking will be cancelled. We will also call a day or two prior to the service in order to go over details to ensure preparedness.


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior the move, billing/the clock will start when the crew arrives at the origin and end when the crew completes the move at the final destination, plus applicable travel time and surcharges noted on the estimate. The time is billed in half-hour intervals and rounded up to the nearest half hour. Some move days may incur a minimum time, which will be clearly communicated and stipulated on the estimate. The crew may take a 30 minute meal break (off the clock) for services over five hours, as per Ontario Labour laws.


Should a client need to cancel or reschedule a service booked with The Six Moving, it is their responsibility to call us at 647-973-3676 or email us at info@thesixmoving.ca. In the event of a cancellation, all deposits are non-refundable. Should a rescheduling be needed, client must advise their representative at least 3 business days in advance. If the alternative date requested is available, we will place a hold on that date. Otherwise, the booking must be carried over to a date that is available.


It is client responsibility to ensure that legal parking is available at any of their locations. Any parking tickets incurred by The Six Moving will be added to client’s bill.


The Six Moving will not move flammable, explosive or corrosive items such as propane tanks, paint, car batteries, antifreeze, ammunition, household cleaners and weed killers as Federal Law prohibits the transportation of these items. Items such as lawn mowers and small tractors must be emptied of gasoline before we can move them. We also cannot move living things such as plants, pets or people. We do not move oversized items such as pool tables, hot tubs or grand pianos.


Should the moving crew encounter any parasitic insects such as bed bugs or cockroaches, whether at the origin or destination, the client will indemnify The Six Moving for costs related to cleaning, sanitizing, delousing vehicles and/or replacing company property affected. We reserve the right not to commence any service due to unhygienic conditions at any locations or at the sight of parasitic insects.


The Six Moving provides “Standard Moving Industry Liability Coverage” at no additional cost which limits liability to a maximum of $0.60 per pound for each item being handled. The Six Moving’s maximum liability for damage caused to surrounding structures including doors, floors, walls, driveways etc. is $500.00 or 10% of the invoice value, whichever is less. Upgraded Liability Coverage is available at an additional cost and must be agreed to in writing prior to the move. Get in touch prior to your move for more information on Upgraded Liability Coverage.

Irrespective of the liability limits selected by the customer or who provides packing and preparation services for the move, The Six Moving shall not be liable for any claim resulting from;

  1. Items that have pre-existing damage or prior repairs, as well as losses or damage not directly caused by The Six Moving; damages  resulting from an “inherent vice” or damages that are deemed consequential damages by The Six Moving.
  2. Damage to any item left unpacked by the customer, including vases, pictures, mirrors, bikes, speakers etc.
  3. Loss or damage to any article where the customer is not in attendance at the origin or destination
  4. Contents of boxes not packed and unpacked by The Six Moving, or marble, granite, glass or antique items not packed and crated, and unpacked by The Six Moving, or high value items such as rare stamps, jewelry, cash etc.
  5. Articles of sentimental or intangible value such as photographs and letters, or date and applications stored on computers. These should be moved by the client.
  6. Articles with an extraordinary and/or estimated or appraised value such as works of art unless they are specifically declared, described and detailed along with corresponding values prior to the move in order to qualify for Upgraded Liability Coverage.
  7. The inner workings of appliances, electronics, machinery, exercise equipment, TV’s, clocks and musical instruments regardless of who packed such items.
  8. Loss or damage to “complete sets” such as furniture, appliances or similar items. In the event one item of a “set” is lost or damaged, compensation will only be available for the single item lost or damaged.
  9. Damage to furniture items constructed from press-board or particle-board material such as IKEA brand furniture as IKEA Assembly Services are not made to sustain the stress of a move.
  10. Damage to walls, stairs, doors that occurs when The Six Moving is moving an item with less than 5 cms of clearance between all sides of the item and walls, doors or stairs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us by either emailing us at info@thesixmoving.ca or calling us as (647) 973-3676. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you should not purchase from us or hire our services.