A labour-only move is a moving service that we provide which does not require any truck or transportation vehicle from us. If your moving situation only calls for the help of the movers and their expertise, a labour-only service is the best fit for you. No matter your moving circumstance or need, The Six Moving will send movers who are professional, fit, friendly, clean-cut, experienced and who treat your belongings with care and respect. 


Here are some examples that involve labour-only moves:


In- Home moving Service

Our Toronto in-home moving service is popular for those who are renovating, staging, downsizing, redecorating or organizing an event or a party. Our movers will carefully relocate your items from one room to another to your desired place. Whether your need furniture and boxes moved upstairs, downstairs or simply to the garage, our movers will safely and strategically relocate these items for you. Our movers also arrive with tools to disassemble and reassemble large pieces that may not fit through doors or stairways. Our Toronto in-home move service includes the protection of your floors with thick, non-slip floor runners while we maneuver furniture. We also protect staircases with thick moving pads. This guarantees an all round seamless in-home move experience.


In-Office Moving Service

Our Toronto in-office moving service is popular for office spaces and commercial spaces which require the help of our movers for purposes such as office reconfiguration, the installation and assembly of new desks and cubicles, or for office renovations and event organisations. Our moving coordinators will organize a plan with you to ensure that we achieve your desired result. The moving crew will arrive with tools and equipment to disassemble and/or reassemble large furniture. We understand that business is important, that is why we offer flexible start times as to not interrupt your office during working hours. Simply ask!

In-Building Moves

Our Toronto in-building moving service is popular for those who love the building they live in but want to move to a different unit within the building. Whether you choose to move to a different unit due to its size, its view, its set-up or its floor number, our movers have the experience to make it happen. All you need to do is arrange your elevator reservation and our movers will take care of the rest. Whether you choose to get a full moving service or you just want us to move the bigger pieces, no move is too big or too small for us. Our movers will arrive fully equipped with thick and clean moving blankets, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, floor runners to protect each unit’s floors and tools to disassemble and reassemble large furniture. In-building move requests are especially high within downtown Toronto and our Toronto moving team has the necessary experience to make your move a breeze.


POD  Loading and Unloading

If you’ve ordered a POD or container to your driveway to load items in preparation for storage, our movers can help you load and/or unload the POD or container. Our movers work strategically by optimizing the containter’s space as much as possible. To do so, our professional Toronto movers will safely wrap and protect your items in preparation for storage conditions. They will then stack and organize your items in a safe and logic manner inside the POD or container. When it’s time to retrieve your items, our movers can also unload, unwrap and reassemble your items for you.


Truck Loading and Unloading

If you have your own truck, are renting a truck or you are expecting a shipment from a truck, our movers at The Six Moving can load or unload items for you. Whether you are hauling the truck in a city other than Toronto or you are expecting a shipment from overseas, our team at The Six Moving can help. Our movers are experienced with these types of services and know how to maximize the space available in the truck or container while safely loading all of your items to keep them protected in transit. Our movers will arrive prepared for your loading/unloading service with tools and equipment to disassemble or assemble items. Best of all, there is no additional cost to this service.



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