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Don’t have time to assemble furniture yourself? Want to make sure your new furniture is assembled correctly? The Six Moving can help!

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Professional Assembly Services

Getting new furniture is always so exciting but assembling them can be a daunting task that requires patience, time, effort and organization. So it’s definitely nice to have someone put your furniture together for you so you can enjoy your new addition to your home. This is where we come in: we love to put things together and bring life to new furniture!

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Picking furniture is exciting but putting them together? Not always. This is where we come in! Let our assembly technicians bring your pieces to life and ensure they are assembled correctly for long use! We can bring the most complex pieces together!






Hassle-Free Assembly Services

We Are Furniture Assembly  Pros

At The Six Moving, our assembly technicians take apart and assemble furniture daily during moves, so they’ve definitely handled a multitude of different types and models of furniture over the past years. In fact, we can assemble and disassemble a wide range of furniture, including but not limited to beds, desks, wardrobes, media units, cabinets, couches etc.

Not All Moving Companies Can Do It Like Us

The Six Moving’s assembly experts provide excellent workmanship and have the experience to tackle the most complex pieces. Working methodically and meticulously, The Six Moving’s assemblers will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We provide affordable furniture assembly and installation services for homes and businesses in Toronto. Avoid the hassle of assembling furniture yourself, give us a call and we’ll help you transform a flat box into statement piece in no time.

Let’s Get Moving!

Our honest, reliable, experienced and problem-solving assemblers will get the job done right in the comfort of your own home. Flat-pack packaging will be placed in the desired location and will be carefully opened. The pieces of your furniture will be put together according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Once your piece comes to life, we will place it in the desired position. We can even recycle packaging materials at an additional fee, simply ask us!

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At The Six Moving, we strive to provide a seamless, easy and stress-free moving experience. We know that moving can be time consuming, exhausting and even daunting. We make it easier by offering a wide range of convenient services that cater to your moving needs. We are more than a moving company!

From professional packing services to free packing supply delivery right to your door in Toronto, we take the hassle out of moving! We believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all move;  every move is unique and customized to its requirements.

We set ourselves apart from other moving companies in Toronto with our high standards, stellar customer service and our strive for seamless moves.


Professional Movers and Packers

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right moving company when there are so many options but also so many horror stories surrounding the moving industry. When it comes to hiring professional movers and packers, it is important to always do your due-diligence, read reviews, and get written estimates. At The Six Moving, we believe in doing the job right from start to end and we do so by doing everything by the book.  Our movers are all trained, experienced, When it comes to hiring professional movers and packers, it is important to hire the right Toronto moving company.