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Reliable Movers Toronto: Good Practice Guidelines For Canadian Movers

Let’s face it, the thought of moving alone can be a daunting one. How many horror stories have you heard about the moving industry? But it doesn’t have to be that way. At The Six Moving, we not only lead by example of what constitutes a great moving company, but we also challenge other movers to follow suit. Our vision is to change the standard for the moving industry in Toronto. This starts with abiding by The Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers. This guideline was created by Consumer Affairs and Industry Canada and it consists of a checklist for consumers to follow when hiring a reputable mover. Below are some points that this guideline highlights for Canadian movers.

Professional And Reliable Moving Companies Will:

  • Provide written estimates of costs that describe the shipment and the cost of all services requested by the customer. The estimate should be on company letterhead, and state the name, telephone number and address of the company, a full estimate of the number of boxes to be moved, the size and value of items, the cost per hour or flat rate, terms of payment, and timing of services to be provided.
  • List the movers’ rights and responsibilities, along with mover liabilities, limitations, and associated costs, which must all be clearly stated and outlined in written format.
  • Give customers written details regarding date of delivery, customer service particulars, terms and amount of payment owing.
  • Provide customers with a bill of lading at the time of pickup which clearly delineates critical customer service details such as the terms and amount of payment and the date of delivery.
  • Abide by the terms that were outlined in the estimate and comply with all applicable laws.
  • Provide clean facilities and equipment should be provided.
  • When a damage claim or delay claim is submitted, a response must be provided within 30 days upon receiving it stipulating an offer or status update.
  • Attempt to resolve any disputes must be carried out in a professional, promptly and fair manner regarding any damages, errors during shipment, or any other complaints.

Honest Toronto Movers: Our Commitment

The Six Moving guarantees commitment to these guidelines to ensure peace of mind for everyone. We believe that honesty is one of the most important traits of a good business. It involves integrity and truthfulness. This is important for The Six Moving because it is the foundation of a leader in the moving industry. So many moving companies overpromise and underdeliver. But, we do the right thing and this is what leads us to the success that we have: we do not cheat our clients.  To keep our pledge to honesty, we promise no hidden fees or surprise charges. We guarantee written estimates that are upfront, clear and easy to read.

You will not find confusing terms and conditions when you sign up. These are all disclosed prior to booking with us. We provide receipts and accessible invoices right-away. We ensure that our clients are comfortable with each and every step of the way.

Moving is already stressful enough, there is usually so much going on that you should not doubt the reliability of your mover even once. Do your due-diligence! Hire a mover who has great reviews and who responds efficiently to your questions, and who abides by the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers.

Your Reliable Toronto Movers: The Six Moving

The Six Moving is all that! We always arrive on time, ready to work. Our trucks are clean and fully-equipped with moving gears. We plan your move ahead so that there are no setbacks. Our friendly movers go the extra mile to ensure a smooth move. Our booking agents are pleasant to deal with and always happy to help. We are so many people’s go-to reliable Toronto movers.

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