6 Tips For Cohabitation


The Cohabitation Guide

So it’s time to move in with the love of your life. You spend so much time together that you even have a toothbrush and a some clothes at their place. Going back and forth between apartments has become a routine. So why not remove the distance and share a place together? After all, paying double-rent and making frequent trips makes no sense when you spend half your time at the other person’s place. Although moving in together can be exciting, sharing a living space together is not the easiest right of passage. Getting two people into one harmonious space can come with its challenges. To help prepare you for the union of yourselves and of your stuff, we’ve combined six of our most useful tips on how to move in together:


Don’t Move In Just Because It’s Convenient

Moving in together is a far more complex activity than you think.  If you are doing it solely for the economic reasons, you might want to reconsider your intentions. Moving in together requires respect for the other person’s space, for their routine, their belongings and their habits. You have to be prepared, be mindful and understand that you will be sharing a common space and a lot more time together. You both have to be emotionally ready to move in together. Your partner is someone that you must be near to in good times and in bad times. Although moving in together is definitely beneficial, convenience shouldn’t be the main driving motivator.


Talk About Budget

Communication will always be key in any relationship. It’s important to talk about the fair division of costs such as rent, utilities, bills etc. ahead of time, before the move. Don’t wait until after you have moved in to get this situation sorted out, things can get complicated. The division of costs doesn’t have to be half-half, contrary to popular belief. As long as it reflects your wage capacities and that it feels fair to both of you, that is sufficient. You might both have different mindsets when it comes to spending and saving, so it can be a good idea to talk to a financial advisor and create a plan that makes sense to both of you. Being financially responsible is a big step to go over before moving in together. At The Six Moving, we’ve always been proud of having the opportunity to move two people in together and conjoining their stuff and their lives into one place. However, so many times have we witnessed confusion between the happy pair once it came time to pay their final bill after the move had been completed. That’s right, sometimes they hadn’t talked about who would cover moving costs or how they would split them. Yikes! Don’t put yourselves in that situation!


Make Space For Your Partner

We always take up the space we have, that’s a normal thing we all do. But when you are moving in together, you will be sharing a lot of common spaces such as a closet, bathroom cabinets (or counter), kitchen, dressers etc. It’s a good idea to start decluttering by getting rid of items you no longer want, need or use. You can donate, sell or discard these items. Start packing away these items at least two weeks before the move day.  Clearing space will make it easier for your partner to settle in and it will be appreciated by them.


Decide Together What You’ll Keep And What You Will Get Rid Of

Let’s face it: the more items come into your space, the less free square footage you will have. For example, if the place you are moving into has large closets, consider if you really need to move your dresser. Local moves are generally charged by time, so the more furniture you have, the longer the move will be, and thus the final cost will be higher. Make sure the items you are moving into the place will fit the space and maybe also match the existing decor. Perhaps your couch is in a better condition and is better suited for the apartment you’re moving into, so swapping couches can be a good idea. And you definitely don’t need two coffee makers. But keep in mind to be sensitive to your partner’s attachment to certain belongings. We know, letting go of stuff can be painful but it can also be liberating. Finally, you can donate used furniture to other families who may need them, and that can feel good. The Six Moving delivers used furniture to Habitat for Humanity for free when you book your move.


Talk About The Future

You both have to have a gameplan. When you are consciously making the decision of moving in together, make sure to have a common vision in mind as to where you see yourselves in the next couple or few years. Do you want to merge this into marriage, do you want pets, children etc. This is a hard conversation to have but getting it out of the way ensures you are both on the same page. This will ensure your cohabitation works for the long-term. Having the same vision and setting compatible goals is important. It’s OK not to be sure but as long as you communicate it to your partner, you can take it from there. Honesty is always the best policy.


Building A Life Together

Cohabitating is sharing a home and a life together. It will take hard work and commitment to make things work on both sides. Be prepared to compromise to yield to a harmonious home.  Communicate with each other, support one another, give a helping hand and listen to each other. Always expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Remember, this isn’t just about making living arrangements, it’s about building a life together.

When you are ready to move in together, be sure to make the process all the less complicated: get a free move quote from one of our moving representatives. Let us know about your moving plans including what items are being moved, how you would like items to place once moved in etc. We always go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition and a stress-free move.

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