Summer Moving Tips

Moving on a Hot Day 101

Don’t we all enjoy a nice hot summer’s day in Toronto? Of course, with all the fun activities you can do in Toronto, a hot day is perfect. However, when it comes time to moving, this can be dreaded, even though most people move in the summer. But don’t worry, here are 10 tips that we ourselves use to survive a move on a hot summer day.

1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated every day is important, whether you are moving or not. But if you plan to move in the summer, we recommend that you start drinking water at least 24 hrs before your move. Drinking water will help keep your body cool down and flush out toxins. Avoid energy drinks and alcohol as these will dehydrate you quickly.

2. Start your move early

The earlier you start your move, the better. The sun is worst when it is right overhead and it will keep building up the heat after noon until 3 pm. Take a lunch break in between to avoid as much sun exposure as possible.

3. Wear light clothing

Summer is never a good time to wear dark and heavy clothing. Opt for light, breathable clothing such as light cotton. Avoid polyester and denim.

4. Wear sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen during the summer to avoid skin damage and especially when you move. Wear with SPF 30 at least and reapply often.

5. Wear deodorant

This one is self-explanatory.

6. Wear safe shoes

This means, avoid flip-flops because they expose your feet entirely but also because they can slip off easily. Comfy sneakers are the best!

7. Keep people cool

Keep kids, pets and elderly people inside.

8. Keep lightweight snacks handy

This is a good time to pack on granola bars, protein bars, fruits and veggies to snack on.

9. Keep certain items off the heat

Items such as artwork, plants, candles, and electronics should be kept inside where it is cool and only be loaded on the truck last.

10. Call the pros for your move!

Hire The Six Moving and watch the magic happen while you stay inside in your air conditioned home. The Six Moving team will make your summer move a breeze!

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