2 Bedroom House Packing Kit

$255.00 $240.00

Total of 60 Boxes plus essentials


Total of 60 Boxes plus essentials

15 – 1.5 Cube Boxes

20 – 2 Cube Boxes

15 – 3 Cube Boxes

5 – 4 Cube Boxes

5 – 5 Cube Boxes

1 – 25 Lbs Packing Paper (Approx 400 Sheets)

1 – Roll of Bubble Wrap (12” x 100 Ft)

4 – Rolls of Tape

2 – Labeling Markers

1 – Free Package of “Fragile” Stickers


This packing kit is the perfect assortment of moving supplies for a 2 bedroom house or townhouse move. The kit includes all the right boxes and essentials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, tape etc. which will help you pack, wrap, protect, organize and cushion your items. This kit is conveniently pre-selected for you based on the packing needs of an average 2 bedroom residence, making your packing process a breeze.




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